VP RACING LC7 - 19 littres

VP RACING LC7 - 19 littres

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VP's premier traction compound! While competitors are generally getting by with 20-year
old technology, Lane Choice 7™ is the product of intense and detailed R&D conducted
over the last six years. In heads up testing against every other competitive product,
Lane Choice 6™ won every time!

More consistency - Because of its higher viscosity and overall toughness, Lane
Choice 6™ performs much more consistently across a wider range of temperatures-from
40 to 120 degrees. Differences in a car's performance between daytime and night are
substantially reduced, and Lane Choice 7™ is unaffected by humidity.

Better out of groove performance - Cars can get out of the groove and still get down
the track without having to shut down.

Better starting line toughness - Tracks get fewer bald spots and they're less severe.

LC7 doesn't ball up or roll over onto itself. As a result, cars routinely launch harder and
tracks become faster.

Easier to apply - Lane Choice 6™ is packaged ready-to-spray. It requires no mixing, no
mess and there's no need to remember mix ratios. It requires use of teflon seals in spray
equipment and may be diluted with methanol.

More cost-effective - Lane Choice 7™ actually achieves better results while requiring
application of less compound and requires no purchase of methanol for mixing.

  • 80 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: VP RACING FUELS

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